Fall 2019 Newsletter


     Fall is here, and many of us will be going into the woods and trails more frequently.  The black legged deer tick becomes much more active this time of year. In addition to carrying Lyme Disease, they may also carry Anaplasmosis, which can cause similar symptoms such as fever and lameness. It is very important to continue protecting your pet with once a month tablets such as Nexgard, Credilio, or Simparica as well as heartworm and intestinal parasite protection.

     For tick protection for pet owners, the recommendations from the  website is to treat your clothing once a month with a permethrin product such as Repel, which we carry at our office and can be found in many stores. We have a link to their informative website on our CAVH website.

     There have been many questions asked about grain free diets. We have a link on our website to the FDA where there is ongoing research about the connection between these diets and heart disease in dogs. We recommend Hills, Royal Canin, and Purina Proplan for general balanced diets.

     The fall promotion from our Prevention Partners includes free doses of heartworm and flea/tick products in our office, or $12 to $60 instant invoice credits at the time of purchase.

     Our updated online store “VETSOURCE” can be accessed from our website . The prices are very competitive with other on- line stores BUT also include the $12-$60 instant invoice credits that are available only through veterinary partners, not “big box resellers”. We greatly appreciate when you choose to “shop local” and make your purchases  at our office and our on-line store. Our candy bowl is always full.

Purchases at the office also qualify for $10 off on a fecal sample analysis. We recommend year ‘round prevention for ticks and intestinal parasites such as round worms and hook worms.