Fall Newsletter



Fall Newsletter

October 30, 2023

First, we would like to thank all our clients who sent messages and goodies (so many goodies!) in recognition of Veterinary Employee Appreciation Week. Many of you shared heartfelt memories as well as praise and our hearts were deeply touched. We feel extremely fortunate to have such a talented, caring staff of receptionists, technicians, and doctors.

Second, we would like to inform all dog owners about Librela, our newest monthly injection treatment for canine osteoarthritis. We have already begun using Librela, and the results have been amazing. Librela was released in Europe and Australia in 2021 and over 10 million doses have been administered. We had read in veterinary literature that some dogs will show improvement within the first week, and this has proven to be true. Other dogs may need 2-3 injections to show demonstrable relief from arthritis pain and increased mobility. We encourage our canine pet owners to learn more about Librela by visiting the Zoetis website at www.zoetispetcare.com/products/Librela

We have also been pleased with the response we have seen to Solensia, a similar injectable treatment used for arthritis in our feline patients. Kitty owners can visit the website at www.zoetispetcare.com/products/solensia

Finally, the Fall/Winter tick season is here. These deer ticks are smaller and imbed in the skin more easily. They can be the size of a poppy seed and are easily missed. Please continue your tick protection year-round and be sure to check yourselves as well as your pets. We have had several clients report they themselves were infected with Anaplasmosis and Babesiosis which, besides Lyme disease, are also carried by the black legged deer tick. Please stay safe out there.

Sincerely, Drs. Jeff and Doug French

Cape Ann Veterinary Hospital