March 2018 Spring Newsletter | Gloucester, MA | Cape Ann Veterinary Hospital


In mid-February, the weather was spring-like, and cold weather has returned, but we frequently see cycles of warm and cold as our climate patterns shift. We continue to stress the importance of year’round tick and heartworm/intestinal parasite prevention. Many clients do not realize that monthly heartworm pills such as Heartgard and Sentinel also control intestinal parasites such as hookworms, roundworms, whipworms, and tapeworms. 

     For tick prevention, we recommend monthly oral tablets. Credelio, our newest tick preventive, begins to kill ticks and fleas in 4 hours.  Information on all the tick diseases, and there are many, may be found on the “TICKS” link on our website tab above for "Flea and Tick info". Lone Star ticks have moved into our area. We also recommend a yearly Lyme Disease vaccine for all dogs, as ticks can be found in all areas of our environment.

     For control of fleas and ticks in cats, we are now able to offer Bravecto Topical, a once-every-3 months topical application that is safe and more effective than topical products previously used.


     During your pet’s yearly physical, a dental exam is routinely done. Recommendations may be made for either a full dental cleaning with xrays and extractions under anesthesia, a Non-Anesthetic dental cleaning done by a trained dental technician, or recommendations for home cleaning and care. 


     We have added an ultrasound machine. Dr. Doug French and Dr. Orr have been putting our new machine to good use, which adds a new level of non-invasive diagnostics. Although some pets may still need to be referred to specialists, we have been able to diagnose and treat many cases in our hospital.


     We are pleased to offer the in-hospital services of Dr. Casagrande, a board certified cardiologist, who visits our office on a scheduled basis to perform echocardiograms. She will consult with owners, make therapeutic recommendations and save lengthy trips to referral hospitals. 


     “My dog is itching” is one of the most common complaints we hear. Many dogs have allergies to plants, grasses, trees, household dust mites, and other allergens that are difficult to eliminate or control. In the past, we have relied on oral cortisone which has many side effects. During the past two years we have been using Apoquel, an oral tablet that interrupts the allergic response.  We are using Cytopoint, an injection that has proven very effective in halting the cascade of cells that are responsible for the itching response. The frequency of injections is very individual and may range from 3 weeks to 3 months.


Manufacturer coupons and rebates are similar to 2016, ranging from a value of $70 to $12, depending on the product and dosages. All of our products carry a manufacturer guarantee that is not provided to on-line third party resellers. Although we often feel that “it is cheaper on line”, that does not hold true for many of our products. Please call for a price quote before ordering. We are happy to mail all items at no charge.