Summer 2020 newsletter


We will continue with our current appointment protocol as we follow the regulations for phased reopening. At the present time, most appointments will be conducted with pet owners not entering the building.  When you arrive for your appointment, please call from the parking lot. You will exchange your pet with a staff member in our foyer. The doctor will contact you by phone to discuss your pet. Some people find it helpful to write down their questions ahead of time so that nothing is forgotten.

Simparica TRIO has finally arrived. It is an ALL IN ONE monthly flavored tablet for heartworm, intestinal parasites, fleas and ticks. It is competitively priced at $20 to $24 a month depending on weight with a 6 month purchase and the available $25 Zoetis rebate. The rebate card is good towards future veterinary services or supplies. For dogs 100 to 132 lbs there is only ONE tablet needed. We are also offering a $10 credit towards your annual visit with a purchase from us. Trio is effective against heartworms that have become resistant to other commonly used preventive medications and is also effective against both black legged deer ticks and the emerging Lone Star ticks now found in our area. It has been used safely in Europe for awhile now. We feel it will prove to be our treatment of choice. For dogs unable to take oral medication we have Proheart yearly injections and Seresto collars for fleas and ticks.

As our phone lines are very busy with our new appointment protocols, please email your questions to our staff at so they may be directed to the appropriate staff member. For those who wish to shop on line, please access our Vetsource partner on our website at We appreciate all of the orders we have received for our curbside pick up, by mail,  and our online store. We continue to employ 14 local residents and we are here to help you with all of your petcare needs.

The Staff at Cape Ann Veterinary Hospital